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ACC & Medical X-Rays

Radiography is the imaging of body structures using X-Rays, which are a form of radiation similar to visible light, radiowaves and microwaves.

They allow doctors to see more clearly what is happening inside of your body, analyse injuries and diagnose disease in a safe and non-invasive way.

Learn more about X-Ray imaging

Lux Radiology captures all X-Ray imaging using modern digital technology.

This allows your doctor to have immediate and direct access to your high-resolution scan images on their computer, and ensures that your data is safe long-term for future comparisons.

Lux Radiology uses the PACS system to store images, and make the accessible to your GP or medical specialist.

All images are reported promptly. Any abnormal results are discussed with the referring clinician, and the patient when appropriate.

  • ACC surcharge for all ACC related X-Rays (Child|Adult) - $40
  • Privately funded X-Rays (Non ACC related) - Please enquire with reception
  • Non Resident X-Ray per Region / Part (Child|Adult) - $290

Booking X-Ray Services

  1. You need a referral from your health professional to be able to book an appointment for a general X-Ray. You can upload or email your referral from our booking page.
  2. You can book your X-Ray scan online for a scheduled time, or you can simply walk-in to our clinic during open hours.
  3. If you have previous X-Rays which are relevant, please bring them with you. This may reduce the number of X-Rays you need and improve the accuracy of the report.

There is no specific preparation needed prior to undergoing an X-ray scan.

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